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If you’ve been to Southeast Asia yourself, you’re probably aware that dating apps are fucking awesome. You can score so much quality teen pussy without any effort, it’s almost ridiculous. Whether you prefer a barely legal Thai teen babe or horny and curvy mature MILFs, this region is a veritable pussy galore dream come true.

This brings us to this week’s spied-upon sweetheart, Bussaba. When our monger found her profile picture on Thai Friendly (a great dating app over here), he got a bit skeptical. This girl sure looked too good to be true. 18 years old with a beautiful complexion, insane waist-to-hip ratio, and a juicy round bubble-butt. And did I mention she had braces? Really cute and sexy. But he had been down that road before, so he had to tread lightly.

But eventually, he decided to meet this beautiful Thai teen babe at a Starbucks, just to make sure she was legit. And wouldn’t you know, she walked through the doors and totally blew him away. Holy shit! This girl looked even better than her pictures! He did his best to keep his cool, drinking his overpriced latte, but all he could think about was getting this gorgeous Thai teen back to his monger apartment to strip her down. And like the good Boy Scout he is, he was prepared: all the hidden cameras were set up on a motion sensor, so as soon as they got back to his place, the cameras would start rolling…



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