Nhei – Cute Filipina BarGirl Spinner Looking for Love

Nhei, a cute Filipina Bar Girl spinner wanted something else than the regular barhopper. Constantly horny, she *does* like her profession. She just wished to meet that one *special* guy for her… So she hooked herself  up onto a Filipina dating site. As such, her search for true love had begun. Little she knew that monger John Tron also had a profile there.
Of course they found each other and started to chat.

John have been travelling Asia as a professional monger for some years now. He knows how to sweet-talk his cock into any Filipina Bar Girl. Even on their spare time.
Nhei didn’t seem to mind much though and John is a nice guy. Although he does fuck several new girls every week (all on his famous site!) he do seem to care for each and one of them.
Doesn’t sound like a notorious monger, does it?
Well, Nhei ended up fucking John several times, often on camera. 

I just love those perky Filipina Bar Girl Tits.

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She is a Bar Girl Spinner made for fucking!


Asian Lover